Television Pilots


Newly elected governor Rod Blagojevich seeks out popularity but his desire to garner illicit money for his family puts his personal and professional relationships, as well as the state of Illinois, at stake. A miniseries based on a true story and NPR's podcast 'Public Official A.'

The Westies

After witnessing his father’s torture, an unpredictable Irish street tough uses violently horrific methods to take revenge and fights to become the most ruthless leader of 1970’s New York before an older generation of gangsters stops him. An ongoing narrative series based on the true story of The Westies gang.

The Mark

When a synesthetic con artist becomes entrapped by the local New York mob, she must target their enemies to earn her freedom, forcing her to team up with her estranged, ex-con younger brother. A crime procedural series.

The Ramsey Accounts

After a distant planet is destroyed and a dark force plans to occupy planet Earth, a biracial student with a mysterious background is recruited to help save the human race. A one-hour drama based on a short story by Carmine Tirone.

The Modern Awakening of Rebecca Towne: Witch

A good witch from 1692 Salem switches bodies with a woman in 2023, assumes her identity and must navigate the modern world of marketing without her new co-workers catching on. A 30 minute dramedy.



On election night 1968, a segregationist Senator and his secret biracial daughter hash out their relationship as the future of the country hangs in the balance. Based on the true story of Essie Mae Washington-Williams and Senator Strom Thurmond.

American Spy

When top secret Government files go missing and a man is left murdered, two unlikely NSA employees are forced on the run to uncover the truth about a North Korean terrorist plot against the United States.


Summerfest is the story of a young boy and his friends who sneak out to a music festival to bring back his older, rebellious sister in an attempt to reunite his family. Inspired by a true story.

Bar None

Bar None is a drama about a young idealistic bartender whose life changes when he starts working for a corporate nightlife company whose fast paced lifestyle and morally corrupt business ethics distort his goal of changing the hospitality industry.

Plays/TV Specs

The Life and Death of Willy B.

As 21st century gentrification intensifies, tenants of a long-standing Brooklyn apartment building must decide whether to abandon their roots or fight to stay put before their collective histories choose for them. A new play in two acts.

Shooting Myself in the Kneecap

The battle for mental health in the age of the internet and modern American politics as shown by thirteen different characters. A new one person play.


When the patriarch of a media conglomerate goes viral for uttering a racist slur, the team at Waystar Royco must act quickly and hold an employee diversity seminar before their public reputation and stock price are tarnished.


Since being betrayed and exposed as a hitman, Barry becomes both the cat and the mouse in a chase with his former associates.

Jessica Jones

When the pharmaceutical industry takes a deadly turn, a rough-around-the-edges private detective must battle a deranged organization alongside former associates to protect her few remaining loved ones.

"There are too many ideas and things and people.
Too many distractions to go.
I was starting to believe the reason it matters
to care passionately about something,
is that it whittles the world down to a more manageable size."

– Susan Orlean
Adaptation, 2002